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Mac dock is also available for Windows




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Windows Start menu is less used day by day. Bars or docks are appearing more and more day by day in all Windows based computers. They are very easy-to-use and give really fast access to all programs included in the dock.

Nexus Dock offers us an attractive and easy way to access our favorite programs without having to renounce the start menu nor shortcuts.

Nexus Dock appears as a bar in the upper side of the screen and we can place any shortcut to any program or folder there. From that moment, you'll only have to click on the icon and the program will be ru or the folder will be opened. That's easy.

Nexus Dock features amazing effects and the aspect can be modified: change the reflections, the size of the icons, animations...

Finally, Nexus Dock also includes some widgets and utilities that can be really useful to know more about the CPU status, weather forecast or the status of the recycled bin.
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